Sisco Death Certificates - MI & WA

Here are some of my Sisco family’s Michigan and Washington death certificates and records. My gg-grandfather Albert Sylvester Sisco was half-brother to William Henry Sisco and Mahala Rebecca (Sisco) Whitcomb. William and Mahala’s parents were Richard and Celina (Thomas) Sisco. Richard was born 22 Mar 1775 in Saville Township, Sullivan Co, NH, and Celina was born between 1775-1785 in VT. Albert’s parents were Richard and Sarah (Garland) Sisco (Richard’s second wife). Sarah was born about 1780 in VT.

Death certificates/records for:

Pierson, Beulah (Sisco) d. 1929 WA (Albert’s daughter)

Pierson, Beulah Death Certificate Addendum

Sisco, Albert Sylvester d. 1915 WA* (my gg-grandfather)

Sisco, Dana Horace d. 1906 MI (Albert’s son)

Sisco, Edna May d. 1910 MI (William H. Jr.’s daughter)

Sisco, Elizabeth (Waring) d. 1896 MI (Albert’s second wife)

Sisco, Ethel Irene d. 1901 MI (Dana Horace's daughter)

Sisco, Fred Fearless d. 1918 MI (Albert’s son)

Sisco, George Ernest d. 1951 WA (Albert’s son)

Sisco, Lloyd Irving d. 1900 MI (Dana Horace's son)

Sisco, William Henry d. 1904 MI (Albert’s half-brother)

Sisco, William Henry Jr. d. 1917 MI (Wm. Henry's son)

Warren, Nancy Mahala (Whitcomb) d. 1904 MI (Mahala's daughter)

Whitcomb, Mahala Rebecca (Sisco) d. 1901 MI (Albert’s half-sister)

Whitcomb, Whitcomb, Rockwood J. d. 1912 MI (Mahala's son)

*A discrepancy exists regarding my gg-grandfather Albert Sylvester Sisco's birth date. Family records say 11 Nov 1828; death certificate says 4 Nov 1827. The certificate does not show who provided the information for the death certificate, but it probably was his daughter, Beulah, or possibly his son, George Ernest.

Also, notice the various spellings of the surname 'Sisco' in the death certificates. My grandmother Lora Irma (Sisco) Clark and her mother Emma Caroline (Morgan) Sisco (Dana Horace's wife) always spelled it Sisco.

Hope you find this info useful!

Jan Routh

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